Sean Ellis Joins Upfocus’s Board of Advisors

The Creator of the Product Market Fit Survey Method and Growth Hacking Is Partnering with Upfocus to Unlock Growth for Startups with Proven Methods in a Ready-to-Use Workflow

We are excited to announce the addition of Sean Ellis to our advisory board. Sean created the widely popular Product Market Fit test. His breakthrough method gave companies a way to measure product market fit as a leading indicator to drive growth.

Sean coined the term Growth Hacking and literally wrote the book on it. Hacking Growth has been translated into 16 languages and remains a best seller in the USA and around the world. Companies across the globe have used his high-velocity test/learn process that has propelled breakout growth success at companies such as Facebook, Airbnb, and Dropbox. 

“Having Sean on our advisory board is a game changer. Sean has helped launch and grow Dropbox, Eventbrite, LogMeIn, and Lookout that are each worth billions of dollars now. The fact is that most startups fail, and the most common reason is a lack of product market fit. Upfocus is on a mission to change those facts by providing startups with a repeatable, efficient way to measure and grow their product market fit. Infusing Sean’s strategic insights and experience growing billion dollar companies into our ready-to-use workflow will be invaluable for startups.”

Justin Kistner, CEO of Upfocus

More people than ever have started new companies since the COVID-19 pandemic. Innovations in technology have made aspects of starting a company easier than ever before—from accepting credit card payments to managing payroll to building applications using frameworks. But, the fact remains that starting a company requires enormous effort and expertise. Arguably, a company’s most important process is deciding what to build. Upfocus is helping a new class of entrepreneurs improve their odds of success by giving them a decision management system for product development. Because Upfocus allows businesses to skip building a product process from scratch, they can put more of their energy into coming up with solutions and making their customers successful.

“I’ve worked with hundreds of companies to help them implement a test and learn process. What struck me that was unique about Upfocus is how they help companies after they receive feedback. They give companies tools to process results and to act on the insights. It eliminates a lot of manual effort and you don’t need to be an expert to benefit from tried and true techniques.”

Sean Ellis, Co-Creator of GoPractice

About Upfocus

Upfocus is the quickest way to have a complete system for finding, growing, and maintaining product market fit. And, unlike a DIY system, there’s no ongoing maintenance. With Upfocus, teams can gather raw feedback in one place, distill it into opportunities, and evaluate possible solutions—all while following proven best practices.

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